Unroll Instructions


You are now in possession of an authentic Pop Chart Lab print, the succulent fruit of hundreds of hours of research and design.

If this print, by some nefarious turn of fate, appears to have suffered any damage en route to you, by all means do email us at orders@popchartlab.com so we can right this wrong immediately.

Now that this print has wended its way from Pop Chart Lab’s Brooklyn lair to your hands, the first matter due your diligence is freeing the print from its polystyrene test tube. To accomplish this, remove one endcap, and insert one or two thumbs into the tube while keeping your other fingers outside the tube. Apply gentle pressure and slide the print out. When the edge of the print is sufficiently beyond the edge of the tube, you may gently grasp the print itself and pull it the rest of the way.


You will now encounter a print curled inward upon itself, like a shy mollusk. In order to revert this cylinder into a broad rectangle, you can roll it out on a flat surface, place several heavy books upon it, and let it sit for 24 hours.

stack books

Alternately, you may wrap the print around the test tube in the opposite direction of its current curl, use rubber bands to affix the ends, and let it sit for an hour or two, thereby allowing the test tube to emend the foul havoc it has wrought.

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