Readymade Frames

Included in Box

· Acrylic Sheet  · Backer

· Super Wedge  · Frame


1. Place frame face down on table top covered with a clean towel. Remove Super Wedge by first pulling on the point numbered “1” from back of frame, then proceeding to point 2, 3, etc. Once free, remove Super Wedge, backer, and acrylic sheet from frame.

2. Peel protective sheet from one side of acrylic. Check surface for dust or debris, then carefully place artwork face down on exposed acrylic. (A static charge will hold artwork flush to acrylic.) Flip acrylic over and peel sheet from other side.

3. Place frame face down on table with keyholes facing you. Drop acrylic sheet into frame with artwork facing tabletop. Next, drop backer into frame on top of artwork.

4. Slide corners of Super Wedge into slot on back of frame, starting with point 1 and Ending with point 6. (Super Wedge is designed to flex slightly, allowing you to bend and wiggle points into the slot.)

5. Your art is ready to hang! Use the keyhole slot to mount your Frame to the wall, sliding frame until it “locks” into place.  (We recommend using a #6 or #8 screw 1 1/4” long with a drywall anchor. )


Inserting the Super Wedge: A Video Tutorial


PCL Readymade Frames--Super Wedge Backer Insertion from Pop Chart Lab on Vimeo.

Dave's meaty man-hands demonstrate how to insert the innovative "Super Wedge" backer into our Readymade frames--professional-quality, handcrafted wood frames that can be used and reused again and again.



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